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Joan Vail – It’s okay Honey, It’s the Word – Download

Dan Vail – Laban Wasn’t Fair But God Was –Download

Jim Melton – Prayer – Download

Joey McGarry – The Day of the Living Dead –Download

Jim Melton – They Saw and Lived the Grace of God – Download

Jim Melton – Dealing with Stress – Download

Jim Melton – Pentecost 2019 – Download

Ed Smith – God is Faithful –Download

Jim Melton – Jericho and Ai – Download

Jim Melton – Dealing with Stress – Download

Jim Melton – The Complete and Loving God – Download

Jim Melton – God Will Provide – Download

Jim Melton – Practical Applications to the Renewed Mind – Download

Jim Melton -How Big is God- Download

Andrew McGarry – Faith, Conquest, Process- Download

Joey Seed – Plans Change with God – Download

Alan Brown – The Power of One – Download

Jim Melton – Truth –Download

Jim Melton- It’s Going to Be a Great Year – Download

Andrew McGarry- Fear of the Lord and Walking by The Spirit – Download

Joey Seed – II Chronicles 17- Download

Pete Martinez -Christmas 2017 – Download

Jim Melton – On the Road with Jesus – Download

Jim Melton – God Doesn’t Change That’s a Good Thing – Download

Aaron Schaffer – Be Transformed  – Download

Jim Melton- Body, Soul, Spirit – Download

Joey Seed – Esther – Download

Jim Melton -Prayer is Talking to God Part 1 – Download

Jim Melton – Prayer is talking to God Part 2 – Download

Jim Melton- God Can Help and He Sure Does

Andrew McGarry – Your Value

Joey McGarry – God Helps with Temptation

Jim Melton -Trust God

Neil Bode -There is a Spiritual Enemy

Aaron Schaffer- Let’s Feed 5000

Joey Seed – The Holy Priesthood and the Mercy Seat

Jim Melton -God knows the Future, We Don’t

Jim Melton – Trust God

Andrew McGarry – Overall Prosperity

Jim Melton – Father’s Day 2017

Jim Melton – Together Let’s Do It God’s Way

James Dykstra – Resurrection Sunday 2017

Andrew McGarry – God is Our Sufficiency

Joey Seed – The Temple Today

Jim Melton – Get Happy Stay Happy

Jim Melton – Pentecost 2017

Jim Melton – There Are Only Two Real Choices

Jim Melton – We Must Be Born From Above

Jim Melton – Get Wisdom

Jack Northart – Be Not Weary in Well Doing

Jim Melton – You Can Trust God

Jim Melton – Together Let’s Do It God’s Way

Andrew McGarry – Peter

Andrew McGarry – God’s Love, Christ’s Love, Our Love

Jim Melton – Think About What You Are Thinking About

Jim Melton – We Are Still Not of This World

Ed Smith – Thankful Living

Jim Melton – Trust God Alone

Jim Melton – Live the Truth

Jim Melton – The Truth Matters

Jim Melton – God’s Goodness and Wisdom

Jim Melton – Our Heavenly Father Provides

Jim Melton – The Life of a Servant

Jim Melton – Thoughts and Actions of Christ

Jim Melton – The Saviors Mission of Love

Jim Melton – World’s Need for a Savior

Jim Melton – The Man with the Powerful Name

Jim Melton – The Story Continues

Jim Melton – What does Getting Born Again Mean

Caitlin Krzywonski – Patience

Jim Melton – The Tongue

Andrew McGarry -Sowing Seed

Joey Seed – The Sabbaths

Andrew McGarry- The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Jim Melton – Mother Day

Jim Melton – Pentecost 2016

Jim Melton – The Habitation of God

Pete Martinez- Resurrection Sunday 2016

Jim Melton- We Have So Much to be Thankful For

Jim Melton- Do The Right Thing

Jim Melton- What Kind of Life Do You Want

Aaron Schaffer – Life Requires Patience

Jim Melton- Being Grateful

Jim Melton- Utilizing Your Spiritual Proof

Jim Melton- Father’s Business

Jim Melton- God Takes Time for You

Jim Melton- God sent His Son

Jim Melton- God is Available 

Jim Melton- True Worship

Jim Melton- Being Thankful 

Jim Melton – Get to Know God Better

Jim Melton- God’s Promises are Real

Jim Melton – Paradise

Jim Melton – Saved by the Savior

 Jim Melton – The Beginning of Jesus Christ’s Ministry

 Jim Melton – Walk in the Spirit

Jim Melton – Why Believe God When I Can Worry

Jim Melton – Believe the Word, Watch the Results

Jim Melton – Do the Right Thing

Jim Melton – God Can Really Do It

Jim Melton – Pentecost 2014

Jim Melton – Resurrection Sunday 2014

Jim Melton – The Choices We Make

Jim Melton – What God Did and How for His People

Jim Melton – Let’s Talk Jesus

Jim Melton – Life is a Journey Whose Direction are You Following

Jim Melton – Preach Christ

Jim Melton – The Words of God and Man

Jim Melton – Do You Have Time for God?

Jim Melton – God is Gracious

Jim Melton – Prayer

Jim Melton –  God’s Plan Of Redemption

Jim Melton – The Continuous Dynamic Church

Jim Melton – Whats in Your Heart

Jim Melton – Real New Years

Jim Melton -He Is Risen

Jim Melton – Receive Retain Release

Jim Melton – True Liberty

Jim Melton -Whats In Your Heart

Jim Melton – Wisdom the Proper Application

Jim Melton – Fellowship with the Father

Jim Melton – Resurrection Sunday