Parent/Children Camp Registration

Family Registration Below
After you fill out the form, there is a place you can pay 
online through PayPal or mail a check to 
Faithful Stewards 6630 Dublin Pl Colo Springs Co 80918

Please enter your name and your children's names and your children's ages. Next to your family's names mention if anyone has a food allergy.
KIDS CAMP: We have Wonderful Kids Camp Coordinators, Marte and Natalie. They will need your help. If you are bringing children, you will be scheduled to assist Children's camp at some point during the weekend.*
BED TIME: Adult Camp gets done at 9:15pm each night. That is past many children's bedtimes. Please send a parent at 815 pm every night to Children's Camp. By 830 Children camp will be over and a parent needs to be there. Adult camp might be in the middle of a teaching at 830, so please keep an eye on the clock. SEATING: We will have reserved seating in the back of the Adult Camp Room for the adults. Please sit there so that if your child needs something, you are easily found.*
HOUSING: Your family will be given a room in a lodge next to other families with children. There needs to be a parent present if children are in the room. You can talk to other parents about watching each others kids, but please be aware, we are not allowed to let children stay in the lodge without a parent or adult supervising.*
Due to a change in schedule that is beyond our control. Dinner FRIDAY NIGHT is being served at 7pm. There will be an adult camp session starting at 8pm. Since 830pm is the time parents need to grab their children, there will be no children's camp Friday Night. Friday night there will be some music to start camp off and then a teaching. If you have children that are older and would be a blessed and be a blessing to have around please bring them with you on Friday Night to the Adult camp

To Pay Click the Donate Button ($125 adults, $75 kids 6-12, 5 and under are free)